Wolds finds solution for multiple sites


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19 August 2021
Wolds finds solution for multiple sites

UK potato supplier Wolds Produce has invested in a new mobile washing facility, featuring Tong’s next generation barrel washer to increase throughput and provide more flexibility.

Based in East Yorkshire, Wolds Produce Ltd supplies high quality potatoes into the crisping, chipping, ware, catering and seed industries, working with a wide base of growers throughout the UK.

In order to wash crop across multiple sites, Wolds Produce needed a mobile washing system that would bring effective destoning, washing and inspection of crop at high capacities, for quick yet gentle processing to meet contract demands. 

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Featuring the latest model of Tong’s popular potato barrel washer, the new mobile washing system is built to handle high throughputs of crop, with a 4m long, 1200m wide barrel washer and integrated destoner for removal of stones from crop prior to washing. Once crop is washed, it is gently transferred to an inspection conveyor with canopy. For ultimate ease of transporting between sites, the mobile system has been designed with foldable modules to allow the machine to be quickly and easily adapted for transport.

Managing Director at Wolds Produce, Simon Tootell, said: “The machine can run with minimal labour requirements and is making it possible for us to respond quickly to new contract requirements as we can now wash to high standards on location across our wide grower base."

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