Weather forecasting updates


16 November 2023
Three new additions launched in response to grower needs.

Sencrop has launched three new features for UK subscribers - the forecast comparator, model ranking and tailored forecasting - which provide forecasting up to six days ahead.

The three new features, developed by the company’s in-house team of researchers, engineers, data scientists, and software specialists, have been compiled in response to an identified need from UK growers for improved weather forecasting technology. 

The forecast comparator pulls forecast data from all the main weather models that inform UK, regional, and local forecasts - including HRMN5, operated by the Met Office - into a single, easy-to-read graph. The user can compare all the forecast models by meteorological measurement including rainfall, temperature, humidity, and wind speed.

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The model ranking feature ranks all the forecasting models in order of reliability for each type of meteorological measurement. As it is based on Sencrop weather station data, the ranking is specific to each user and changes depending on location and time of year. 

With the tailored forecasting, users can use both the main weather models and their own and surrounding Sencrop weather stations, creating a ‘new model’ which continually evolves as weather stations record data for the location, providing access to the most reliable forecast on the market for that specific user and their chosen location.

More details on this and other innovations can be found in the next issue of Potato Review

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