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09 June 2021
Updates to sweepers

BEMA Sweepers has updated its range of municipal machines with the introduction of two new models.

The Kommunal 580 Dual and Kommunal 450 Dual are both now available to UK customers and boast several improvements on the older model 600 Dual and 520 Dual sweepers.

Available as a PPN or snow brush PPN, the main brush of the 580 Dual is now 580mm in diameter and available in several materials, including steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN and Bema's weed brush. It is available in six working widths ranging from 1,250mm to 2,050mm, with all sizes offering 15% more collection container volume than the outgoing models.

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As well as introducing the Kommunal 580 Dual, Bema has upgraded the Kommunal 400 Dual with the launch of the Kommunal 450 Dual, which has a new, wider 450mm diameter brush and features a 480mm diameter rotary side brush.

The 450 Dual is available in three working widths - 1250mm, 1400mm or 1550mm - all offering 9% more collection container volume than the model it supersedes.

Both the Kommunal 450 and 580 Dual's feature 3D compression on all mountings. 

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