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29 July 2022
Dewulf going full ISOBUS for the 2023 planting season

DEWULF, supplier of agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, will be introducing full ISOBUS on nearly all CP and Structural potato planters from autumn 2022.

ISOBUS operation is manufacturer-independent therefore available both via the tractor and via an additional display in the cabin. This means that joysticks in the tractor can be used to control the planter. If the tractor is not equipped with ISOBUS, an individual ISOBUS cable set can be ordered separately.

Additional GPS-controlled display options for the tractor include License Section Control and License Variable Rate. The latter, for example, makes it possible to use task cards to configure which areas of the field fertiliser should be applied. These functions are accessible and can be individually adjusted according to specific needs at any particular time.

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Delivery of ISOBUS will be possible from January 2023, so the updated planter will be ready for use for the next planting season.

* Isobus is the standard protocol that makes it possible to manage the communication between tractors, software and equipment of major manufacturers, allowing the exchange of data and information with a universal language.

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