Up to 4m Euro expected from IP breaches


08 July 2022
Breeder takes action with fines and licence demands

POTATO breeder HZPC is expecting to receive up to four million euros in fines resulting from legal breaches over the past few years, it has been revealed.

The Dutch company stated in its annual report that varieties have been illegally used in China, and licences are overdue.

"HZPC intervenes when its varieties are used illegally. The above is happening and has happened in China. During the last few years, HZPC has conducted various lawsuits about its intellectual property and related matters. These often lead to payments of fines and overdue licences. Only when these matters have been fully completed will the income from them be recorded in the books. On the basis of the current state of affairs HZPC expects a payment of 3 - 4 million euros in the future," the company states.

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