Union will help growers produce green energy


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12 January 2022
Union will help growers produce green energy

THE University of Aberdeen has joined forces with one of Scotland’s largest agricultural cooperatives in a new venture that could help growers produce their own clean, green energy on a mass scale.

The University’s Business and Engineering Schools have entered into a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) with ANM Group which will see the creation of a new renewable energy consultancy division to advise growers and other agricultural enterprises on sustainable energy solutions.

The two-year partnership, funded through a UK Government grant valued at around £250,000, will also explore the potential for delivering a range of agricultural technology solutions to market.

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This could include development of a micro wind turbine that is small enough to be erected easily on existing farmland or buildings but powerful enough to generate the energy used on day-to-day activities and contribute to the national grid.

KTP’s help business to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK’s academic knowledge base. This is the second collaboration between the Business School and ANM Group.

The KTP will see a university graduate work full time onsite at ANM Group’s Thainstone base in Aberdeenshire from early this year. Dependent on trials, the project could potentially see micro-turbines go into production as early as 2023.

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