Systems for fresh and processed potatoes showcased


24 November 2022
Sorters, conveyors and automation to be displayed.

KEY Technology will exhibit its Herbert OCULUS whole potato sorter and showcase a range of solutions for fresh and processed potatoes and vegetables at Interpom in Kortrijk Expo, Belgium, next week (see our events page for show details). 

The company provides advanced optical sorters, specialised vibratory conveyors and other process automation systems to help processors and packers.

President Antoine van Bree said: “With extreme weather hurting the quality and quantity of harvested crops, it’s become imperative that processors get as much good food as possible from farmers to consumers.”

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Key’s Herbert OCULUS digital sorters for whole potatoes identify and remove potatoes with diseases and defects, as well as potatoes outside the specified length and width profile, if desired. To inspect the size, shape, color and surface texture of every tuber, Herbert OCULUS conveys the product over a series of rollers that provide a 360-degree view of each potato to the colour cameras. Low drop points ensure gentle handling, minimising damage.

Ideal for wet and frozen potato products, Key’s VERYX digital sorters remove defective product and foreign material (FM) while virtually eliminating false rejects. When equipped with Sort-to-Grade software, VERYX categorises every surface defect, as well as strip length if applicable, and makes each accept/reject decision based on how it will impact the product grade to ensure final product specifications are met while increasing yields. VERYX’s Key Discovery software collects, analyzes and shares data to reveal patterns and trends that improve sorting and help control upstream and downstream processes.

Key's ADR (automatic defect removal) system for potato strips cuts out defects from french fries to turn ‘bad’ strips into ‘good’ ones, directly increasing yield.

The company's vibratory, horizontal-motion and belt conveyors – including Iso-Flo®, Impulse®, Marathon® and Zephyr™ – transfer, feed, align, grade, dewater, scalp, distribute or handle other tasks throughout potato processing and packing lines, from whole potatoes at receiving to feeding packaging machines. Rotary size graders and other mechanical systems separate either whole potatoes or potato products by length or diameter while removing select FM.

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