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01 August 2022
App update aimed at improving team job management

AG-DRIVE, an app that helps agricultural contractors and farmers to manage their business, has released an update to support teams of operators who work on the same job at the same time.


The app replaces paperwork with digital timesheets, field mapping, job recording for teams of any size, health and safety checks, and integrations with common accounting software.


The new update allows multiple operators to record their work under one job, with the team leader responsible for completing the job details and operators only required to sign into the job on the app to say they are present.


Multiple locations for a job can now be specified, with instructions for each location provided by Google maps via a pin drop or farm address. Jobs can also be scheduled without allocating an operator and any operator can then start a job from a scheduled list.


When jobs are part completed and resumed later, the time recordings are separated with individual dates and times, making it easier to bill longer-term jobs.

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Operators have the ability to create and modify products, vehicles, and implements they’re using, as well as map fields directly in the app.


Will Dunn, contractor and founder of Ag-drive, says the upgrades to the app have been made in response to user feedback.


The Ag-drive app is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. A desktop version is also available.


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