Supplier adopts agtech to meet carbon targets


09 February 2023
New tool used to shape environmental strategy.

SUPPLIER Greenvale AP Ltd has partnered with Trinity AgTech to roll out Trinity’s natural capital navigator, Sandy, to farms across the country.

Technical Director at Greenvale, Joann Reid, said the business is looking to update its environmental strategy by identifying areas for carbon reduction before setting new targets.

Joann said: “The nature of growing potatoes currently involves relatively high carbon outputs. But, gathering rigorous analytics through Sandy will allow us to set ambitious, yet achievable goals to credibly reduce our carbon outputs, and convey them with integrity.”

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She added: “The long-term aim of this new partnership is to create financial, environmental, and social resilience for Greenvale growers by capturing scientific data and analysis which growers can use to accurately pinpoint areas of opportunity.”

Trinity AgTech’s Director of Business Development, Anna Woodley said: “Greenvale is renowned for being innovative and early adopters of technology and will be an important player in this natural capital space. Building an evidence base from credible data is crucial for good decision making. We’re looking forward to working with Greenvale and its growers through their sustainability journey.”

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