State-of-the-art configurator launched


05 November 2021
State-of-the-art configurator launched

Dewulf launches

Dewulf, a full-liner in machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, has unveilded its new online configurator. 

Those who visited the virtual trade fair booth “Dewulf Xpo” were able to get a first impression of what
was to come. Six machines could be configured from A to Z. There was particular interest in the configuration of the new Dewulf Enduro, the 4-row, self-propelled sieving harvester on tyres. This pre-launch was the ideal stress test for the platform to now go fully live.

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Thanks to this new online configurator, you can orient and inform yourself within theDewulf product range. Different selection options are explained in a very simple manner so that you can make the right choice applicable to your specific conditions. Additionally, the machine is continuously visualised with the (de)selection of certain options. 

Each configuration can be stored with a unique Dewulf code so that the local dealer can provide a tailor-made offer with a single push of the button.

For a considerable time, Dewulf has been gathering experience with an internal dealer configurator for soil cultivation machines, planters and storage machines. This knowledge formed the basis for the building of a fully new configurator that is user-friendly. In a first phase, all harvesters can be configured online. In a second phase, the soil cultivation machines, planters and storage machines will become available.

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