Spot spray tech unveiled


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09 November 2021
Spot spray tech unveiled

EXXACT Robotics, a subsidiary of the Exel Industries Group, has unveiled the 3S Spot Spray Sensor® technology at a virtual event.

It is a technological solution for collecting and analyzing images in real time through artificial intelligence to detect biological aggressors such as weeds, diseases, pests and also determine fertilization needs.
The high-precision on-board sensorsused by the 3S Spot Spray Sensor® technology allow instant data acquisition
and real time analysis. Then, the information is sent to the sprayer product control system to deliver the right dose to the right place.

EXXACT Robotics has succeeded in developing a fully integrated technology in the spray booms of the equipment
manufactured by the brands of the Exel Industries group, which can be used on weeds on bare ground as well as on field crops, day and night and up to a speed of 25 km/h.

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The first booms equipped with the 3S Spot Spray Sensor® technology will be on the market at the end of 2022 for
herbicide use. This solution will then be progressively advanced and offered on all the equipment of the EXEL Industries group brands.

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