Split hood for smoother cultivation


09 October 2020
Split hood for smoother cultivation

THE MS 4000, trailed four-row belt planter from the Structural range, can now be optionally configured with a split hood for use in bed cultivation. 

In this configuration, the belt planter can follow the contours of the individual beds even better. This option was developed following feedback from Irish and French growers, and finetuned with their help.

On the MS 4000 with split hood, the opener beam is split in two. Both parts are suspended by their own parallelogram construction. Each half has two furrow openers and its own ridging hood: two two-row beds are thus formed. In addition, there is a divider in the middle between the two beds that ensures a maximum amount of soil is available to the hoods to form perfect beds. 

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The optional Ferti-Flow kit (granular fertilizer distributor) is suitable for use in bed cultivation thanks to its larger discs. In addition, the depth control wheels of the MS 4000 have been further improved.

The MS 4000 is the largest belt planter in Dewulf’s current Structural range. The Structural is suitable for the place-specific planting of a wide variety of seed potatoes. Its innovative technology automatically determines the best planting distance between two potatoes, depending on their size, for optimal growth.