Solution put forward to maximise nutrient use


17 June 2022
New product introduced into UK

AS nitrogen prices continue at high levels and potato growers are looking for new ideas to maximise plant nutrient use, Olmix has released a new product in the UK which it says could provide a solution - Neosol.

Olmix Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland, Grant James, said Neosol aims to restore soil health by activating the natural microflora of soils. It has a mineral complex rich in trace elements - MIP SOIL - allowing it to humify organic matter and help correct issues affecting soil function. 

“These include compaction, hydromorphy [wetness in the soil profile] and sensitivity to drought. It reduces compaction and speeds up drainage of excess water. Crops are also more even which makes management easier.”

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Neosol is in pellet form and is suitable for use on all soil types from harvest until the end of autumn, he said. “We advise using it every year after harvest at a rate of 120-220kg/ha, depending on soil type. Farmers mostly apply 150kg/ha. Sandy soils tend to need a higher rate than clay soils as nutrient mineralisation is less effective.  

“Our research shows it increases soil porosity by 21.4% and improves water retention by 8% compared with a control.” 

Photo: G-R Mottez

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