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Martha Stewart’s newly-opened Vegas restaurant features a potato dish that is smashed tableside.

IN addition to a replica of her “Martha-rita” and “Martha-tini” cocktails, and Oysters Rockefeller, The TV personality's first restaurant in Las Vegas serves a potato dish that is hand-smashed tableside.

Much like for preparations of tableside guacamole or Caesar salad, a server at the 194-seat restaurant modeled after her New York home rolls a small table into the dining room equipped with a wooden cutting board and a baked potato. The server then raises a potato to shoulder-level and swiftly wallops the tuber into the cutting board.

Every time someone orders one of Martha’s Smashed Baked Potatoes, a server will smash the potato alongside the table, then shape it ready for adding creme fraiche, chives and bacon lardons for $15.95.

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Diners can upgrade the filling to Golden Osetra caviar, creme fraiche, and chives for $100 more.

Other dishes at the new Las Vegas Strip restaurant include a classic nicoise salad with vermouth-dressed potatoes and olive oil-packed tuna.

Martha recently proudly gave a sneak view of the new restaurant on Tiktok.

Sources: Eater Vegas / Martha Stewart on TikTok

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