Second-hand machinery for potato farmers


06 November 2023
Used machine specialist says more and more well-functioning models are being traded in for larger versions.

BECAUSE of economies of scale, potatoes are grown and processed on an increasingly larger scale. The capacity of the machines plays an increasingly important role in this, because planting, harvesting, sorting and processing more and more hectares/tonne must be done in the same time frame to stay financially healthy.

This increase in scale has started in French fries and consumption potatoes, but is also continuing in niche markets, such as seed potatoes.

Shift in the potato machinery market

With the increasing demand for machines that can handle this increase in scale, Duijndam Machines sees a shift in the market. For example, Robbert, son of founder Bert Duijndam, sees that more and more well-functioning machines are being traded in for larger versions. The used, smaller machines for potatoes are then offered by them. Duijndam Machines specialises in exporting used machines for potatoes.


This shift is good news for smaller potato farmers, as they no longer have to pay top prices for good, reliable machines. As large farmers are increasingly switching to higher-capacity machines, the quality of second-hand supply is rising, which smaller farmers are now reaping the benefits of.

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Second-hand potato machinery at Duijndam

The success of potato growing and processing largely depends on the right machinery and equipment. For potato farmers who manage the entire process internally, different types of machinery are needed to tackle the different stages of potato growing and processing. Some of the main machines used in potato growing are: planting machines, harvesters and potato washing machines. If the processing process is also done internally, it also involves inserting machines, packing machines and possibly fryers.


Buying or replacing these machines can be a huge expense that, especially for the smaller farmer, is almost impossible to afford. By opting for used potato machinery, costs are significantly reduced.


Are you a potato farmer looking for affordable yet reliable machines? Then be sure to take a look at Duijndam Machines' website. Unlike market places for second-hand machines, Duijndam first buys all machines themselves after which they are extensively inspected and where necessary repaired before being sold. This way, they can guarantee the quality of their machines. With over 45 years of experience, they are the go-to partner of many potato farmers in Europe.