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02 June 2023
App extends capabilities.

RELIEF from the headache of pesticide compliance checks is the latest promise from farm management app fieldmargin.

The record-keeping and decision-support app has further expanded its feature list by incorporating a pesticide checking database, helping growers and agronomists to double-check that a proposed application meets current regulations.

“Despite the complexity underpinning it, we’ve made this an easy-to-use new feature that should make a lot of difference not only to the average time-poor grower but also improve communication and interaction between farmers and advisers,” said Camilla Hayselden-Ashby, fieldmargin’s Head of Product. 

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“It puts tools previously only available to the biggest farms and agronomy companies within affordable reach of the everyday grower. When you’re having to juggle weather windows, crop-walking, agronomist recommendations and paperwork, there’s always the risk of error.

“At worst, it could lead to costly crop damage or a fine, but even a relatively minor change to a label can result in loss of certification. It’s easy to overlook a label change, especially if chemical stock is carried over from a previous season.”

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