Reliable tuber application with the Team Powder Application system


23 March 2020
Reliable tuber application with the Team Powder Application system

As growers prepare for seed treatment changes, British Sprayer manufacturer Team Sprayers Powder Applicator has been providing market leading application for over 20 years. Developed in conjunction with Bayer Crop Science, the Team Powder Applicator (on-Planter) was engineered for the application of powder formulations to tubers whilst planting, for control of black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani) on daughter tubers and some reduction of stem and stolon canker (also Rhizoctonia solani) in potatoes.

This simple, yet proven and reliable applicator is ideal for those wishing to maintain the flexibility of treating at the planting stage and require the use of a powder formulation such as Emesto Prime DS (penflufen) or RhiNo DS (flutolanil).

Team Sprayer Managing Director Danny Hubbard said: “The NSTS were impressed with the high levels of accuracy this powder applicator delivers and this is largely down to the fact that we worked so closely with Bayer and Digimon during the development.  Potato planting is a big, complex operation, so getting it right at the start will prevent problems later in the field, all on-planter application equipment, be it powder or liquid all applicators must be fitted, serviced and calibrated by an experienced service and calibration engineer, who will know the correct fitting procedures for the various brands and types of potato planter. ”

To find a list of approved Team engineers you can contact Danny Hubbard at Team Sprayers ([email protected]) or visit the Certis Tubercare website.


Digimon Controller:

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The Digimon control box brings flexibility at the touch of a button. Programmed by a Bayer engineer with a design brief from Team, it increases efficiencies through optimising accuracy of applying formulations such as Emesto Prime DS (Penflufen) or RhiNo DS (Flutolanil) to potato tubers at the planting stage. It gives the operator options to select tuber size and weight, row setting, powder type and calibrates automatically within +/- 5% of the set output,  allows output to be adjusted from 0.6kg/tonne upwards and can be fitted to all makes of cup or belt planter.  This is then fine-tuned depending on tuber size, with less applied to smaller seed and more for bulkier lots. The Digimon also adjusts applicator output to planter forward speed and has auto head-land shut-off as the planter is raised or lowered into work. It will automatically adjust application in line with seed planting to ensure that refilling will be carried out at the same time.

Team Powder Applicator (on-Planter) for a two-row planter, complete with fitting kit for the planter, costs c.£3,000 exc VAT. (one control box  is required for two and three row planters, with four and six row planters requiring an extra control box, which comes at additional cost.)



Please contact Danny Hubbard at [email protected] or call 01353 661211 for more information.