Reduce the risk this autumn 


16 September 2021
Reduce the risk this autumn 

A NEW tool has been introduced to help growers reduce the risk of water pollution and the loss of a vital post-emergence herbicide for pulses and potatoes. 

Manufacturers BASF, Nufarm and Sharda Cropchem have developed the Bentazone High Risk Mapping and Planning Tool, identifying high risk areas through a postcode location search.

The tool takes the high-risk criteria from the stewardship guidance: Soil depth, underlying soil/bedrock, organic matter and depth to groundwater, combined with Safeguard and Source Protection Zones, to quickly and easily show the bentazone risk to water across the country. The aim is to help growers who may use the herbicide on crops such a  peas, beans, potatoes, leeks and onions (and further EAMUs) plan now to avoid having a need to apply bentazone in a high risk area.

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As harvest concludes and the challenging weather is on many growers’ minds, selecting locations this autumn that have reduced chances of leaching, strong soil organic matter and operate with a 6m buffer zone/5m no spray zone, will help contribute to a strong stewardship programme.

Stewardship and Value Chain Manager at BASF Paul Goddard, said: "This new tool is a big step change for the “Know the Bentazone Risk” initiative. By speaking to growers over the last year, it is clear we needed one tool that collated maps and information available, to support decisions when it comes to planning the rotation and reducing water pollution. 

“Through a simple colour coding, it will identify if applying bentazone to a certain field would not meet stewardship guidance, or if the field should meet certain soil thickness and organic carbon parameters.”

Marketing Manager for Nufarm Louise Dalgliesh added: “The development of the new ‘Know the Bentazone Risk’ tool gives growers and agronomists a simple method to aid decision making when planning cropping and product use. It is a good example of acting on feedback to create a useful tool and how competitor companies can work together for the greater good.”

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