Python puts the squeeze on crop-handling challenges


01 September 2023
Latest generation of twin conveyor belts announced.

THE newly-launched AVR Python is AVR’s latest generation of twin conveyor belts and offers a high capacity, extremely potato-friendly option for crop handling, thanks to features such as the moving raised edges.

The AVR Python is easily transportable and very easy to operate.

One of the typifying features of the AVR twin conveyor is a stable and robust frame that also offers a high degree of maneuverability.

The machine has been designed to allow both conveyors to be positioned at all possible angles relative to each other. Thanks to the independent height adjustment of the product intake and discharge outlets and the electronic length adjustment, the Python can be installed in every position on the line.

 A tandem construction with four casters and the 360° rotatable main wheels allow the machine to be moved by only one person.

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The clever design of the conveyor belts with raised edges ensures that the product never comes into contact with the metal frame parts, thus guaranteeing an extremely soft product flow. The combination of a fully adjustable transition between the first and second conveyor belt and a drum measuring 160mm in diameter ensures that drop heights are reduced to an absolute minimum.

In addition, the raised edges create a trough to accommodate the secure conveyance of large volumes. As the section at the centre of this trough remains entirely flat, the Python also lends itself to the manual inspection of your crop.

The AVR twin conveyors are designed to relieve the user’s work. Standard equipment includes a frequency converter, electronic length adjustment, and a belt control system. Additionally, the installation of AVR Line Control software allows the Python to communicate with all other AVR machines in the line.

The Python is available in two lengths: A twin conveyor comprising two belts each 7m long, and a model with belts 9m in length.