Puerto Rico importers face supply crisis


28 January 2022
Empty shelves in supermarkets

POTATO importers in Puerto Rico say they are not able to fill their orders to supermarkets on the Caribbean island because they can't get enough supply to fill the void created by the export ban on PEI potatoes. More than 80 percent of Puerto Rico's potatoes would usually come from Prince Edward Island.

Mark Antunez, the President of Antunez & Son Produce said: "We are in a bad, bad situation right now. We are the ones who supply the stores. There are about five or six big companies in Puerto Rico who supply the market, and there are no potatoes in the market."

Mark has been importing potatoes from P.E.I. since 1988. He said his potato cooler is now filled with other vegetables, as he searches for more potatoes.

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"For example, normally I bought three or four containers a week from Prince Edward Island. Last week we ordered three loads and they guarantee just one. That's what I got in inventory, less what we already supplied our customers, and they do not have supply in the stores either."

Mark's company has been receiving potatoes from New Brunswick, but has only been able to obtain one container instead of the requested three.

Source: Potato Pro

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