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16 March 2022
Updated application advice available

A NEW handbook has been published by Juno (Plant Protection) Ltd providing updated user information for users of a spearmint sprout suppressant for potatoes.

The handbook provides practical application information on BIOX-M® (MAPP16021), a natural potato sprout suppressant, which has been widely used in Europe since Annexe 1 approval was granted in September 2009, and in the UK since approval was granted in November 2012. BIOX-M® is 100% spearmint oil, extracted by steam distillation, and blended to ensure a consistent product. No chemical, synthetic or persistent additives or solvents are used in the product.

It is approved for use on organic potato crops and is a volatile product which manufacturers state leaves no persistent residue in stores or boxes used for storage. It is applied as a hot fog to crops in store. 

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The latest information is based on more than 10 years of experience using BIOX-M® in a wide range of potato crops, stores and storage conditions. 

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