Partnership aims to help growers with carbon status


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17 January 2023
Accountancy and agtech join forces.

SPECIALIST rural accounting firm, Chavereys, has announced an exclusive partnership with new generation natural capital navigator developers, Trinity AgTech, to stay on top of their carbon status.
Chavereys Partner Nick Holmes said it’s likely that growers will have to report on their carbon status as part of normal benchmarking procedures and they want to help them do that reliably.

Chavereys chose Sandy because of its peer-reviewed, evidence-based approach. 

“Sandy combines on-farm data with cutting-edge science to provide a whole-farm approach that encompasses biodiversity and water quality alongside carbon. Often when using first generation carbon measuring tools, you make decisions that look good in isolation, but may be inaccurate and/or have a negative impact on biodiversity or water quality,” Nick said.

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“This is where Sandy stands out from the rest. By offering the opportunity to measure more than just carbon, users are given a much more holistic view of their farm’s natural assets. Inevitably, everything you do has a knock-on effect and it’s about making sure that you are delivering something that is genuinely sustainable across all aspects.” 

Chavereys are keen to work collaboratively with other accountants and businesses to support those in the potato industry.

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