'Packaging is key to green transition'


28 February 2023
Manufacturer's president urges potato suppliers to use fibre-based boxes.

SWEDISH manufacturer Billerud creates bags and transport boxes for potatoes and other vegetables that are safe and certified for direct food contact.

Its President and CEO Christoph Michalski recently spoke about the role of fibre-based packaging at a two-day conference, in which he concluded that material and design of packaging will play a key role in the green transition.

Pointing out that bioeconomy is an important part of the circular economy, he said fibre-based packaging is recycled, reused again and again until the quality of the fibre has become so low that it no longer can be used, at which point it returns to carbon dioxide and the natural carbon cycle is closed. 

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Billerud replaces fossil-based materials with renewable and recyclable materials. Recycled content contributes to the sustainability of paper-based packaging and to a more sustainable, circular economy, he said. 

“I would also like to stress the importance of food safety. Protecting food and reducing food waste have a greater impact than the actual climate impact of producing the package,” said Christoph.  “We focus on the areas where you receive the most climate effects. LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, shows that fibre-based packaging often has an advantage compared to other materials."

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