On-farm advancements and labour efficiencies to be demonstrated


02 May 2022
Handling machinery on show

CROP handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, has launched several new products and equipment advances in the past two years which it will exhibit at farm machinery show LAMMA on May 4th and 5th.

The machinery developments' effects on post-harvest operations, aimed at minimising labour requirements whilst maximising capacity and yield, will be demonstrated at the show.

The company's exhibits include the FieldLoad PRO which receives and cleans crop at high capacities straight from trailers filled by the harvester, and the new Tong MonstaFill box filler which has been built to combine high capacity and gentle box filling, with reduced forklift movements.

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In addition to the latest product launches from Tong, optical sorting advancements are increasingly taking centre stage as growers look to reduce the reliance on the workforce and Tong staff will discuss with potato producers how new camera technologies can be specified to replace traditional manual sorting facilities.

Future of Farming on display at 2022 LAMMA Show
LAMMA 2022
Gentle handling helps preserve potato perfection