Novel blight spray partner provides disease defence synergy


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22 May 2020
Novel blight spray partner provides disease defence synergy

An extensive and detailed series of independent trials has shown that using a novel combination of micronutrients and formulation know-how can help build the natural defences of potatoes, increasing resistance to blight and potentially reducing total reliance on blight sprays.

Zynergy contains a combination of copper, zinc and organic acids and is added to blight spray tank-mixes to boost the nutrient status of the crop, helping increase yields and address issues such as resistance whilst optimising pesticide use, a key facet of Integrated Crop Management.

“Copper and zinc support the crops immunity systems,” explains Scott Baker, from manufacturer OMEX Agriculture.  “Part of zinc’s function is in maintaining the integumentary system of the plant, which affects tuber skin elasticity, wound healing and disease suppression.  The copper in phenolic compounds helps to supress infection.”

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First screened in trials at Nottingham University Sutton Bonington in 2015, Zynergy showed promise, providing equal levels of blight protection as Mancozeb.  Independent field trials completed by Eurofins in 2016 and 2017 highlighted that the combination of Zynergy and blight fungicides resulted in lower levels of blight and better crop performance, with yield being increased by 7.3 t/ha.

“Well-balanced nutrition helps plants to help themselves, producing crops that are more resistant to infection and better able to tolerate pest attack and Zynergy is applied at only 0.5 l/ha” says Mr Baker. “Nutrition alone cannot replace pesticide applications but used together in ICM programmes the two provide a useful synergy, especially useful with issues of resistance and harvest intervals.”

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