New vibratory conveying systems


19 October 2023
Systems can handle frozen potato products.

NEW vibratory conveying systems designed to feed pick-and-place robots on the packaging line have been introduced by Key Technology.

Each series of integrated conveyors meters, separates, singulates and/or aligns to provide optimal separation, speed and orientation for the robotic system to pick-up. By minimising hand packing, the systems are aimed at increasing production efficiency, reducing labour and improving sanitation.

Suitable for primary or secondary packaging, these systems can handle frozen potato products.

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The integrated conveying system often begins with an optional shaker or belt conveyor to meter product, if needed. Then, a separating shaker evenly spreads product, followed by a singulating shaker that directs product into single-file lanes. The next shaker aligns the product in the correct direction, if required, and achieves the optimal speed to feed one or more pick-and-place robots, which are installed on one or both sides of the conveyor. 

Products that are not picked up by the robots can either be collected in a hopper or recirculated to the beginning of this system.

The conveyors have stainless-steel bed surfaces, open designs and oil-free drives. When a processor automates primary packaging, sanitation is further enhanced by eliminating the manual handling of unpackaged products in the packing process while reducing the chance of accidental foreign material contamination by a worker.

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