New tool assesses carbon footprint and biodiversity


18 June 2021
New tool assesses carbon footprint and biodiversity

THE first in a suite of complementary software from Trinity AgTech has been launched with Sandy, a new digital assistant which allows farmers to assess their farm’s sustainability. 

Among Sandy’s core tools are carbon footprint and biodiversity assessments. At subfield level, it monitors crop performance, growth, nutrient status and yield prediction, and analyses productivity and financial performance at farm, crop and field level.

Trinity AgTech’s Senior Managing Director, Richard Williamson (pictured, who is former Managing Director and Farms Director of Beeswax Farming and Velcourt respectively said:  “Sandy is trusted and credible software, using the latest science and technology that helps farmers achieve new heights in environmental progress and financial prosperity while adding greater credibility to their traced provenance.”

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Sandy was developed by a team of more than 30 scientists and engineers in consultation with farmers and industry leaders who sit on Trinity AgTech’s Advisory Council.  Major retailers, banks and cooperatives also back the use of the software.

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