New targets involve helping growers become more sustainable


06 June 2021
New targets involve helping growers become more sustainable

IN its newly-released inaugural 2020 Sustainability Report, Corteva Agriscience has set science-based targets for its greenhouse gas emission reductions and highlighted its 2030 goal to increase the resilience of the global food system, which involves helping and collaborating with growers. 

Corteva’s sustainability report is being released one year after the company announced 14 10-year commitments to advance sustainability for farmers, for the land, in communities and in the company’s operations.
Chief Executive Officer Jim Collins said: “By addressing this global challenge today, we are fortifying our ability to grow food, grow progress and build a sustainable industry that will help humanity thrive for generations to come.”
Anne L. Alonzo, SVP External Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer, Corteva Agriscience, said the report provides an update on how this is being achieved through products, collaborations and the efforts of its 21,000 employees worldwide.
In the UK, Corteva is 18 months into its 'Resilient and Ready' three-year initiative which incorporates training, technical support and mentoring to growers to help them adopt more sustainable farming methods.
The company’s commitments include: 
• 65% intensity reduction for scope 1 and 2 emissions
• 20% intensity reduction for scope 3 emissions
The report also reflects the work and contributions of Corteva employees to improve growers’ livelihoods and operations while conserving resources and sustaining the land, strengthen communities and increase sustainability within the company’s operations.

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