New storage and in-field yield estimation tech


15 December 2021
New storage and in-field yield estimation tech

A BLUE, potato-shaped sensor for in-store monitoring of potato crops, and an app that estimates your potential crop yield from a photo and a blue mat, were launched by METOS UK at the recent British Potato show in Harrogate.
Inside the blue tuber-shaped SolAntenna are sensors to measure and track temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in-store. The data collected by the sensors enables growers to assess storage conditions and take action to prevent in-store rots. It can be placed anywhere within the store in both box and bulk storage while the wireless sensors transmit data to a virtual dashboard, accessible on mobile and computer.
The sensor is eligible for the new Farming Equipment and Technology Fund under category FETF117 crop storage sensors. 
Meanwhile the SolGrader is an app that estimates crop size and yield from a photo taken in the field. With some data inputted to the app, and a photo of a sample of the crop taken on a special blue mat with a red square, SolGrader will calculate the estimated tuber size distribution, overall crop weight, yield and value.
Growers can estimate yield in the field, and assess likely yield by field, variety, and management factors. It will also help growers to identify poorly performing areas of fields.

More detail on these and other agri-tech can be found in the January edition of Potato Review. Click here to subscribe.

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