New spray coverage assessment tool


10 January 2023
DropSight® on-site tool works with a mobile phone - launching at LAMMA 2023.

A SIMPLE-to-use spray coverage tool, called DropSight®, will be launched by METOS UK at LAMMA 2023 alongside other sensors and trackers to make spray records easier to complete.


The portable, DropSight® on-site tool works with a mobile phone to give spray operators instant information on the spray deposition efficiency of the sprayer, helping to improve crop protection performance while reducing the risks of spray drift, run-off, exceeding MRLs, and crop and sprayer damage.


Crops are first sprayed with a solution visible under ultra-violet (UV) light, then leaves are selected and photographed using a mobile phone. The DropSight® software recognises and quantifies the deposition of solution on each leaf, and measures and calculates the deposition efficacy of the spray application.


By checking spray deposition during sprayer set-up, operators can optimise nozzle selection and calibration, water volume, adjuvant selection, boom height, and sprayer speed, for best results.

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A DropSight® specialist will be available on the METOS UK stand to demonstrate the tool and explain how it can be used.


METOS UK will also be showcasing a range of sensors and trackers to assist sprayer operators in completing spray records. These include:

·         Sprayer-mounted ISOBUS-compatible weather stations with in-cab data to manage spray drift risk on-the-move

·         Field weather stations for all-round decision support for crop production

·         Sprayer trackers to help complete sprayer records with precise field locations, start/stop times, forward speed, and see any missed tramlines.