New rotary tiller launched


01 February 2024
Triple bed model available in 2024.

STANDEN has launched a new version of its popular rotary tiller the Powavator.

For the 2024 season, the company has launched a new triple bed model, the HS400. The HS400, which has seen three seasons of field testing, sees several key upgrades to the previous model to enable easier maintenance, reduce wear and tear as well as fuel consumption and increase speed. 

It features narrower side drives, a deeper hull design, a new main gearbox design rated to 400hp and above, faster rotor speed of 330rpm from 266rpm, 10 or 12mm 'L' or speed blades and an optional wider point for convex body or square body option.

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It is available with Shearbolt or Auto-Reset legs and a rear hood option for planting systems that don't require a destoner.

The Powavator is available in single bed, two bed folding, two bed straddle and triple bed options, giving you the ability to create a 1,2 or 3 bed machine which is designed and engineered to suit your precise requirements and soil type. Within each range is the choice of a number of different working widths from 1.8m up to 6.0m, to suit 72" / 1.8m wheelings and 80" / 2.0m wheelings as well as different bed forming body/rear wheel configurations. Rear rollers or depth wheels can be suppliedn.

Manual or Hydraulic parallel linkages attach the body to the mainframe, or a KW linkage arrangement that allows angle adjustment of the body instead is offered.

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