New range of optical sorters


17 October 2023
Manufacturer says machines are the easiest to use.

KEY Technology has introduced a new range of optical sorters.

The COMPASS® sorters are arguably the easiest to use on the market, according to the manufacturer which is a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, with simplified system operation, sanitation and maintenance. 

Duravant Group President - Food Sorting and Handling Solutions, Jack Lee, said:

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“Optical sorting technology has developed significantly over the last decade. Until now, more advanced sorting capabilities meant a system that was also more complex to operate and costly to maintain. COMPASS is the first sorter that breaks that paradigm – it offers consistently high sort accuracy, a compelling ROI and significantly simpler and more intuitive operation than any other food sorting system.” 

The sorters join the company's VERYX® and ADR food inspection systems.

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