New programme to aid growers


14 March 2022
Boosting crop performance, sustainability, and soil health

EMERALD Research Ltd (ERL) has launched a new programme to help potato and vegetable growers balance sustainability with increased yield and profitable crop production. 

OptiYield Core pinpoints each crop’s most important growth stages and targets these with the appropriate mixture of nutrients and biostimulants to maximise performance and minimise waste.

The company says trials of OptiYield Core products have consistently delivered improved marketable yields of potatoes, carrots, and other crops of between 12% and 25%, leading to significant increases in net ROI of £500 - £1,500 per hectare. 

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Managing Director Simon Fox said: “In order to improve agriculture’s sustainability, we need to stop throwing nitrogen and phosphate fertiliser directly onto the soil and hoping it reaches the roots. Not only is it a waste of physical inputs, with today’s prices, it is literally pounds up in the sky as Greenhouse gases or down-the-drain in run-off!. This is why most of the OptiYield Core products are foliar applications, all of which can be tank mixed together with conventional products to reduce the number of passes.”

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