New products showcased at Eurofins


07 September 2021
New products showcased at Eurofins

NEW products for the potato sector were showcased by BASF on its plot at Eurofins recently. 

As well as the current late blight product, Enervin SC, it revealed BAS 657 which builds on the success of Enervin SC, and contains potassium phosphonate as well as ametoctradin. The two active ingredients work in synergy and offer multi-site, systemic activity, bringing simplification to the blight programme with ‘top draw’ control according to Paul Goddard and his team.

BAS750, which is based on Revysol chemistry (an isopropanol trizole), was also revealed. This has recently been approved in cereals and moved the game forward and the company believe it will be a gamechanger for potato growers looking for alternaria control, as it is felt to be stronger and more reliable than difenoconazole. 

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BASF is expecting approval before the end of this year, making it available for use next year.

For a full report, see our November issue of Potato Review. You can subscribe here.

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