New planter model launched


03 December 2021
New planter model launched

THE newly-launched Standen SR 200 Planter offers an easy to set-up, two-row, cup planter for growers with a new cup design capable of handling longer and larger seed. 

Fast forward speeds of up to 10km/h are achieveable with the new planter. The updated in-cab touch screen controls operate the hydraulic space selector and the stainless steel hood design with hydraulic pressure adjustment forms perfect ridges even at high forward speeds. 

Optional equipment on this new planter includes a hillside kit which includes a steering and vibrating seed return system as well as an automatic depth control.

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Sales and Marketing Director at Standen Engineering  Edward Gilbert said: “The SR200 planter is a great addition to our machinery range. The significant change on this planter is that the new cup designs can handle longer and irregularly-shaped seed very well, something which cup planters have always struggled to do, whilst maintaining fast forward speeds.”

The two-row models will be in production for the 2022 season while three-row and four-row offset models are in development for 2023.

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