New office for Breeders Trust


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10 August 2023
Member organisation moves to new Brussels location.

BREEDERS Trust SA, an organisation made up of seed potato breeding companies in Europe, has moved to a new office in Brussels, Belgium.

Breeders Trust is an organisation of 12 seed potato breeding companies from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Scotland and Denmark. 

The trust, which was established in 2008, is involved in the development of new potato varieties and supports participating companies in the implementation and enforcement of their Plant Breeders Rights protection while striving to prevent illegal trade in plant propagation material.

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Its members include Agrico, Meijer, Danespo, Europlant, Germicopa, HZPC, Interseed Potatoes, Norika, Solana and Stet Holand.

The new office is at Tweekerkenstraat 26/3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Previously, it was based at Rue du Luxembourg 23 and Rue des Deux Églises 26, both in Brussels.

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