New MD for sprout control solutions provider


15 September 2023
Nufarm's Benedikt moves over to Restrain.

RESTRAIN, a provider of ethylene-based sprout control solutions, has appointed Dr Benedikt Cramer as its new Managing Director.

Current MD Dirk Garos will take up a new role as Strategic Director.

Benedikt was formerly Managing Director at Nufarm Germany, a supplier of agrochemicals.

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He said he believes this growth will be underpinned by innovation. “The development of Restrain’s technology never stops and I’m a strong believer in customer centricity. It’s customer feedback that will drive further improvements and in addition to working with our customers, we will engage with other stakeholders - food industry, processors, advisors, channel partners etc. - in different markets all over the world.”

Can you tell us about a piece of agri-tech, a new research method, or a time-saving practice that's helping improve yield, profits or day-to-day practices?
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