New lead at Breeders Trust


03 January 2024
Corné van Beers takes up General Director's role.

A NEW General Director took over at Breeders Trust Ltd on January 1st.

Corné van Beers has taken on the role at the Brussels-located organisation, succeeding Geert Staring, who now retired. 

Breeders Trust was founded in 2008 and currently consists of 12 leading European seed potato breeding companies. Detecting unlawful copying of varieties protected by plant breeders' rights, illegal cultivation and trade are a key focus of Breeders Trust, which ensures that unauthorized cultivation and trade in protected varieties is tackled, plant breeders' rights are respected and that attention is paid to the fight against illegal practices with seed potatoes. 

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Corné van Beers has been working for Breeders Trust as a project manager since January 1st, 2012.

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