New importer and export company


02 August 2022
French specialty potatoes part of new offering

A NEW importer and export company will start supplying the processing industry, food distributors and wholesalers throughout Europe, from next month.

Rola Fresh is owned by Robert Voskamp, ​​who has more than 20 years of experience in the fresh produce sector. 

"Because I've seen and done a lot, I know very well what I want for my own company," he said.

Robert and his team's initial focus will be on French specialty potatoes, sweet potatoes and imported greenhouse vegetables.

Robert, who grew up in the Dutch greenhouse vegetables business, said he still has a large network there. 

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"Our strength lies in knowledge, experience and the relationships that we have with our growers and suppliers. As a specialist, we are happy to share our market information to our customers who can use to determine their strategy," he said in a recent interview with Fresh Plaza. 

Robert believes the growing sector has a key role to play in encouraging people to heat healthier and he has various ideas and promotions in mind to help spread the right messages. 

"I am convinced that even more vegetables will be consumed if people are helped with easy-to-make recipes and gain more insight into what real healthy food does to your body. The ultimate goal is a healthier society, which could be an important part of solving the increasingly expensive healthcare system," he said.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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