New guide to regenerative agriculture outlines key principles and practices


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26 January 2022
New guide to regenerative agriculture outlines key principles and practices

 A NEW guide that outlines the key principles of regenerative agriculture and the many benefits they can bring to modern growing systems has been released by agronomy company Agrovista.

Chris Martin, the guide’s author and head of soil health at Agrovista, said: “The ongoing degradation of biodiversity and soil fertility that global agriculture has experienced has led to increasing calls internationally to switch from degenerative to regenerative approaches.

“Regenerative agriculture has shot to prominence over the past couple of years in the UK, but many people are unsure what it entails.

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“I define it as a system of farming principles and practices that aims to reverse the errors created by previous unsustainable methods.

“It works alongside nature to increase biodiversity, improve soils and protect the environment, while delivering benefits to humans through an improved natural environment and healthier ecosystems.”

The journey towards regenerative agriculture can appear very daunting, says Chris. “However, it is not prescriptive – how far people want to go is a personal choice. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and it can be undertaken at a pace that suits the individual.

“By adopting some of the principles in the guide that best fit a farm’s individual circumstances, growers can start to build long-term soil health and functionality whilst maintaining farm yields and improving overall farm profitability.”

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