New grading facility for leading Cornish growers


05 August 2021
New grading facility for leading Cornish growers

ONE of Cornwall's leading potato growers, E W Button & Son, has invested in a brand new, purpose-built grading facility for its early season and ware potatoes.


The new line, can handle 30 tonnes per hour. The Cornish potatoes are tipped directly from the tractor-trailer into a Haith Supa-Flow Bulker. The 2.4m wide bulker features dual direct drive, double incline belt for easy loading, and a crop flow control unit where sensors control the speed of the bulker. 


The crop passes through a Haith Evolution Multi-Separator and into a Tomra 3A Optical Sorter, which removes stone, clod and green potatoes from the dirty crop before entering a series of eight Haith Supa-Flow screen graders.

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The screen graders feature three full-width agitators that can run at various speeds and feature dual roller screen drives and a crop unplugging roller in a maintenance-friendly yet robust construction.


Once size graded, the potatoes are filled into boxes via SupaFill 400 box fillers.