New generation of optical grader for unwashed potatoes


14 January 2021
New generation of optical grader for unwashed potatoes

Dubrulle DOWNS, the French manufacturer of reception and storage solutions for potatoes, has launched the DOWNS CropVision®, a new generation optical grader for unwashed potatoes. 

Fitted with the latest technological innovations, it allows a high-speeded and qualitative grading of the potatoes before the storage (to 100 tons/h).
Result of four years of development, the DOWNS CropVision® is fitted with industrial cameras coupled with an algorithm of Artificial Intelligence.

The combination makes it possible to observe and analyse the whole surface of the product (360°) in order to classify it according to its quality - clods, stones, other waste, good potatoes, green potatoes, cut potatoes, spoiled potatoes, mishaped and cracked potatoes.

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The machine is fitted with three possible exits for the product: A first exit for the product to keep, a second one for the waste and a third one for second category potatoes. According to the user’s requirements, the ejecting fingers will lead the product to the right exit.

Thanks to the 360° scan of each potato, the DOWNS CropVision’s® user has access to information about the stored potatoes, such as the size of the potatoes for each batch of product or their quality.

It has a user-friendly touchscreen that can be integrated into DOWNS receiving hoppers and graders.