New features for receiving hoppers


14 May 2021
New features for receiving hoppers

The GRIMME receiving hoppers of RH- and RH-Combi series have been updated with various new features.
Used to grade different sizes of potatoes and onions during storage and processing, the new web grader, type WG 900, can be permanently integrated into the receiving hoppers RH 12 Combi, RH 20 Combi and RH 24 Combi.

This new combination of two coordinated machines makes it possible to combine crop intake, soil cleaning, picking, sorting and dividing the crop into two different sizes with just one machine.

For an improved, flexible use of the receiving hoppers RH 20 and RH 24, the PU-rollers of the pre-grading unit can be used in heavy, sticky soil conditions not only for tuber grading but also for cleaning off adhering soil. An optionally integrated merging conveyor transfers the trash, which is separated by the rollers of the pregrading unit, onto the soil cross conveyor. 

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The advantage is that merged amounts of trash are discharged all at once onto a single downstream following conveyor.
If the pre-grading unit is only to be used for pre-grading (fractioning), then the pre-grading cross conveyor can simply be pushed back over the collecting conveyor belt which is mounted within the width of the machine and better protected against collisions during manoeuvring.

Six LED working lights are optionally available for the receiving hoppers type RH 20 and RH 24 and can be individually aligned or repositioned.

For a dust-free and waterproof storage of the operator terminal and other operating devices, such as a remote control for the store loader, all GRIMME receiving hoppers can now be equipped with a protective casing.

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