New destoner web undergoes tough durability tests


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06 May 2022
University aids robustness tests

A NEW destoner web has undergone some tough durability tests, with manufacturer Griff working alongside the University of Birmingham to test structure and strength of web rods to maximise durability and robustness, before now beta testing them in the field.

The aim of the project was to see how web rod heavy duty centres (HDCs) could be improved for modern farmers, following an upgrade to the manufacturing equipment that creates them.

Dr Richard Turner, research fellow, University of Birmingham, said: “We tested the new heat treatment used by Griff, along with the additional 80% of steel used in the HDC, to determine strength and ductility in comparison with its old heat treatment method. Through various tests, we discovered the strength, flexibility and internal properties of the new webs, finding the new heat-treated steel exhibited much higher strength than previous models. 

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“With this type of material, it’s often a trade-off between toughness and strength. If a material is too strong, it can be brittle, so it’s important to promote toughness – strength and flexibility – as well as strength.

“Our analysis into the internal fractography of the new rod revealed the arrangement of the fractured cross-sections were a microstructure that promotes both excellent strength and the required flexibility to maintain structural integrity for a considerable amount of time." 

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