New commercial technical manager at FMC


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19 January 2021
New commercial technical manager at FMC

GEORGIA Antoniou has joined FMC as Commercial Technical Manager, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in agronomy.

Having previously worked for over five years at Agrovista as an agronomist looking after farms in Essex and Suffolk, she will be covering the eastern counties in a technical support role for FMC.

“I’ll be the point of contact for FMC in the east, supporting farmers and agronomists across the region, and briefing agronomists throughout the year,” said Georgia. “I believe my years of field experience will help me in this role because I know what agronomists and farmers are experiencing first-hand.”

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Georgia says she’s really looking forward to getting back to the R&D and manufacturing side of the industry following her time at an R&D crop protection company straight out of university.

“I’m looking forward to this new challenge, especially at a company like FMC which is very forward-thinking with a really dynamic team and a strong product portfolio,” she said. “Overall, I think having an on-farm viewpoint coupled with my manufacturing insight will help me to have both sides of the coin in mind in my new role.”

FMC Technical Leader UK, Gareth Jones, said: “It’s great to be able to welcome  someone with such an obvious passion for agriculture into the FMC team. Despite the challenges we all currently face, it remains an exciting time for the company with our strong portfolio and product pipeline, meaning now is the perfect time to extend our technical team to help support the industry.”


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