New CEO for biopesticide company


15 March 2022
Peter McDonald joins Ecospray from Agrovista

UK-based biopesticide company, Ecospray, has appointed a former Agrovisata specialist as it new Chief Executive Officer

Peter McDonald will take over from the beginning of May 2022, succeeding Robert Lidstone, the current CEO, who will retire in June.

Peter has been head of commercial strategy and responsible for export business at Agrovista UK since 2016. Prior to that, he had senior roles in AF Group, the largest UK farmer-owned buying group where he was responsible for crop protection purchasing. He has also held senior roles in Monsanto in the Philippines and Certis Europe where he was Country Manager in the UK responsible for both the conventional crop protection business as well as the macro biologicals business BCP. He also spent 12 years working for Syngenta in Asia during his early career.

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He said he has seen demand for Ecospray's botanical nematicide products based on garlic extract grow globally over the years. "The science base the company has is extensive and, in the world of climate change, having sustainable products is crucial for farmers and growers. I am truly excited at the opportunity to take the company on to the next stage of its evolution.”

Ecospray products are currently soil-applied nematicides. 

Ecospray Chairman Edward van Cutsem said: “Nematodes are the single most important cause of crop losses world-wide in a wide variety of crops. There are many different types of plant pathogenic nematodes, but they all have two features in common - they cause yield reduction and potentially, total crop loss and they cause significant reduction in crop quality and therefore marketability and overall value.”

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