New carbon tool


28 November 2022
Free facility aims to help UK growers and suppliers lower energy bills.

IN response to the cost-of-trading crisis, NatWest has created a free-to-use digital Carbon Planner tool which can help UK potato growing and supplying businesses lower energy bills as they cut their carbon footprint. The tool has been made available to both customers and non-customers of the bank. 

The Carbon Planner tool accompanies latest NatWest research which shows that three-quarters (76%) of large UK businesses are urgently searching for more efficient, low carbon energy sources in 2023 in response to rising energy costs. The findings are part of the NatWest Sustainability PMI which measures attitudes and actions amongst purchasing managers across the UK.

The Carbon Planner takes a business through four practical steps to help them take action:
•    Inform – lets businesses know their current emission hotspots and suggests alternatives
•    Diagnose – helps businesses understand what is best for their business
•    Plan – supports businesses in developing a plan of actions
•    Deliver – signposting potential options available to help them to take actions that can help their business and have the potential to reduce impact on the environment

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The tool can be accessed here.

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