Long-serving WPC President hangs up his hat


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11 January 2023
World potato organisation announces board changes.

JOHN Griffin is to step down from his role of President of the World Potato Congress after 16 years' service.

Having joined the WPC Board of Directors in 2007, John has held various roles with the not-for-profit organisation.  He played a key role in its growth and development while handling his own potato operations in Elmsdale on Prince Edward Island.

Doctor Peter VanderZaag will now take over ast the WPC's President and CEO. He initially joined the organisation in 2013 as International Advisor before becoming Director and has played a supportive role in developing programs for the past three congresses in China, Peru and Ireland.

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Peter, along with his daughter Ruth and son-in-law Nick, owns and operates Sunrise Potato, a large potato farming operation in Canada. He is well known in areas of international potato research and development.

Professor and Potato Specialist with the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Idaho, USA, Dr Nora Olsen will become new Vice-President of the WPC. 

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