Latest version of insights tool demonstrated


26 July 2023
Those attending trials event can see new iteration of HarvestEye.

THE TEAM behind HarvestEye will be showcasing the latest iteration of its machine learning-led crop insights tool, with subscription, rental and lease options now available for growers, at the forthcoming WCM trials (see our events page for details).

After launching in February HarvestEye 2.0 fits to harvesting or grading equipment and offers a cost-effective method to deliver visibility on the size, shape and mapping variability of root crops as they are lifted. The system is currently compatible with potatoes and onions.

The refreshed software and hardware in the 2.0 system delivers faster crop measurement and processing, leading to improved accuracy of detections and data reported to its online portal. The more powerful software also enhances HarvestEye’s capabilities to operate more effectively in challenging environments, such as low evening sun.

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Sales Account Manager at HarvestEye, Ed Strawson, said: “HarvestEye provides unprecedented levels of reporting for growers and packers that are seeking better monitoring tools to enhance long-term planning, which helps to create more efficient and sustainable supply chains.

“The Whole Crop Marketing Annual Trials are a fantastic opportunity to speak to local and national growers and gather a better understanding of the specific challenges they face with their crop. We’re looking forward to engaging with a broad range of businesses from the UK agricultural sector and how HarvestEye can support with their needs for precise whole-field mapping.”

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