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08 January 2020
Knowledge events for growers

A number of diary dates have been published by the AHDB for knowledge events in Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire this month.
Forthcoming events include: Sustainable Potato Production - January 14th, Strategic Potato (SPot) North Results Day - January 15th, Tyres, Traction and Compaction - January 16th and the Potato Storage Meeting on January 23rd.
The Strategic Potato (SPot) North Results Day will take place at the Forest Pines Hotel, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, from 12pm to 5.30pm, featuring the latest results from RJ and AE Godfrey: the hosts of SPot North. This years' results include: 
•    Residual herbicides trial (fully replicated trial)
•    Irrigation methods – taking into account financial and marketable yield (demonstration)
•    Organic matter (demonstration)
•    Desiccation – ag. chem and mechanical (two fully replicated trials)
•    Dormancy and Maleic Hydrazide (fully replicated trial)
The Sustainable Potato Production event at Malton Rugby Club, Malton, North Yorkshire, is being held jointly with Catchment Senstive Farming. This event focuses on the big issues facing the potato industry. Hear from grower Andrew Slingsby on cover crops and cultivations. AHDB's Market Intelligence team will discuss the latest market trends, while the Farm Economics team talk the benefits of collaboration. 
The Tyres, Traction and Compaction event at Darrington Golf Club, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, takes an in-depth look at wheels, loads, tyre pressures, tyre selection, variable pressure and compaction. There will be a practical demonstration of the importance of tyre pressures using a weigh cell.
The last event of the month, the Potato Storage Meeting, takes place at The Parsonage, Escrick, York, from 9am to 1pm. With the loss of CIPC, reviewing your storage strategy has never been more important. The team from Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research will update on alternative sprout suppressants and the importance of utilizing dormancy. You'll learn how to make sure that your store is suitable for the next generation of sprout suppressants. 
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